Karina’s July “Healthy Drink Tray”

The Perfect Smoothie

With all the warm weather sometimes you just want to eat something cold! Smoothies are a great on the go for breakfast . But sometimes when you buy them at the store they have a lot of hidden sugar and calories. Here’s how you can experiment at home with your favorite ingredients to make your perfect healthy smoothie.

1/2 cup – Liquid: A liquid is needed to mix all the ingredients together. Use a milk of your choice, water, or even coconut water. Try to avoid using juice so you don’t have all the added sugar.

1 cup – Frozen banana: The secret to smoothie making is using frozen banana! This will give you the rich, creamy smoothie texture. If you prefer a more liquid consistency then just use a raw banana.

1/2 cup – Frozen fruit: Choose your favorite fruits – berries, grapes, cherries and more. You can buy fruit already frozen or freeze them on your on your own!

1/4 cup – Protein: Will help you stay fuller longer. Choose from low fat yogurt, cottage cheese or tofu.

1-1/2 cup – Greens: Drink your greens! You can add spinach, kale, arugula, beets, or chard.

1 Tbsp – Additions: Add extra nutrition by adding your favorite nut butter, chia seeds, flax seeds, or hemp seeds.


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