New Sacramento Artist, Bill Laws


Boxed Leaves, Gampi Paper. 2016. William R. Laws III


Welcome to the new Sacramento Artist Expose. Presented by City Colour, the new artist Bill Laws is featured for a Pop-Up show on Friday, November 25 (the day after Thanksgiving).

This first annual Expose will be held at The Brickhouse Gallery, 2837 36th St. in Oak Park.Call 476-1240 for location information. Presentation will be from 4 PM to 9 PM.

Shown above is Bill’s collage Boxed Leaves. It utilizes Japanese art paper with a selection of fall colors against bright sky inspiration. Bill’s development as an artist in watercolor, pastel and acrylic stems from his early preoccupation with imaginary and playful work with collage.

This year’s Artist Expose is sponsored by the nonprofit website Keeping with the season, half of the proceeds from all sales go directly to Food Bank and Family Services.

Curators associated with a Sacramento gallery, with an interest in future shows of this artist, should submit the Key u77y9y  for a restaurant coupon.




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