Pop-Up Market Rules the Day


Billie Hale, the tireless nutrition student at California State University, Sacramento, takes a moment from her busy schedule to highlight the twice monthly food pop-up in front of the campus bookstore. The pop-up food table immediately to the right of Billie offers free bags of produce to students who present an ID. However, closer to the bookstore (and out of sight of the picture frame) are cooking demonstrations which model food preparation techniques.

Perhaps just as important as the free bags of food or cooking techniques, the pop-up, which is part of the ongoing Food Pantry program, is a chance to “get the word out” that food for students with low-incomes is available at the Food Pantry on a daily basis. During the day students who need assistance stocking up edibles  can pick up dry, canned and other food stuffs at the permanent food closet in the women’s gymnasium area.

Despite the festive nature of the two tables (one of which is adroitly operated by counseling center staff) Billie indicates that one of her main duties of the day is to train various volunteers serving the growing Food Pantry program. Thanks all around, then, to Billie  and to her vivacious boss Jennifer Campbell, for allowing the time to “demo” the special fresh produce table.


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