All-In for Farm to Every Fork


Don Anderson (featured in an earlier Open Sky story), toting produce and lifting a lovely bouquet from the Saturday morning market at El Camino and Watt Avenue demonstrates his personal involvement in the year-around farmers market.

Don, as well, is involved in running the Grace Presbyterian Church Calfresh booth where he can often be found on Saturday mornings. With patience and an abundance of cheer, Don explains to market attendees who visit the Calfresh booth how they can use their food assistance dollars to purchase ripe and delicious produce.

In addition, Don is actively involved in developing and advertising an upcoming event, the fourth annual Farm to Every ForkĀ dinner on Friday, October 21. To be held at 5:30 pm in the social hall of Grace Presbyterian Church located at 4300 Las Cruces Way (Arden Christian Center at Eastern Ave.) the “good nutrition for everyone” celebration features a 5:30 vegetarian meal and then an inspiring and humorous film documentary What’s on Your Plate? which follows two amazing urban kids, Sadie and Safiyah who explore their connection to food politics and the economy of food delivery.


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