Student Pantry Serves Sac State


(Note about the author: Billie Hale, a nutrition major at California State University, Sacramento, and coordinator of the student food pantry is adamant about eliminating food insecurity among the college’s students. Billie agreed to explain to Open Sky Blog some of the highlights and features of the food pantry program.)

The USDA defines food insecurity as having “limited or uncertain access to nutritious and safe foods because of lack of money and other resources.” Sacramento State University understands that  many of its students find themselves juggling the cost of living while working toward their degree.

The ASI Food Pantry was designed to alleviate the hardships of food insecurity on the daily lives and the academic success of its students by providing basic necessities and food at no cost. In its first year of operation The Pantry   served over 800 students.

It hopes to increase that number in the upcoming school year.

Students can currently access food items and toiletries on a weekly basis. Most notably, however, the food service has expanded its program by providing twice monthly access to fresh produce . In addition, the pantry hosts Cal Fresh application assistance workshops. These workshops help students access benefits which lower their risk of food insecurity.









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