Local Flowers for Shut-Ins


Celeste, whose farm in Lodi produces flowers and spices, offers her skills in creating bouquets…. with her handy scissors at the ready. As well as a Thursday morning stand at the farmers’ market on Florin and Stockton Blvd. (in Sear’s parking lot) Celeste is also found on Sunday morning at the X Street market under the I-80 freeway.

This last Thursday was the start of the much anticipated Green Deacon program where locally sourced flowers and gift-items are purchased for shut-ins and other deserving appreciators of floral beauty.  According to the Green Deacon spokesman, Bill Laws, locally sourced flowers are taken via public transport or bicycle to a church, convalescent hospital or other venue.  In short, flowers are delivered without the imposition of fossil fuel. This Thursday’s recipient, however, might have been a rare case. Green Deacon’s first and very appreciative recipient was Erika Ledbetter, staff member for the Sacramento Food Bank who found herself behind her table at the Florin Road market.  Without a doubt, Erika was appreciative of the small bit of color radiated by Celeste’s flower arrangement.






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